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The Windsor Drinking Water System Receives 100% Rating for the Third Consecutive Year

Friday, Oct. 24, 2014

The Windsor Drinking Water System Receives a 100% for the third consecutive year

On September 10, 2014 the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) carried out an announced inspection of the Windsor Drinking Water System for the inspection period August 29, 2013 through September 10, 2014 inclusive, the MOE issued a final inspection rating of 100% for the third consecutive year.

This inspection is part of a Province wide initiative by the MOECC that requires inspection of the 660+ Ontario water operations on an annual basis and is in keeping with a finding arising from the Justice O'Connor inquiry into the Walkerton affair. This finding was adopted under the Compliance and Enforcement Regulation (O. Reg. 242/05) that legislates annual inspections of all municipal residential drinking water systems, with one out of every three inspections being unannounced. The ministry inspects these systems using a proactive, risk-based compliance approach.

The primary focus of the Province wide inspection is to confirm compliance with MOECC legislation and control documents, as well as to prove that the operating utility is in conformance with Ministry drinking water related policies for the inspection period from August 29, 2013 through September 10, 2014 inclusive. The Ministry has implemented a rigorous and comprehensive approach that is utilized during the inspection of water systems; one that focuses on the source from which the raw water is drawn, the subsequent treatment of that raw water, and the safe distribution of that water into and through the potable water system up to the end-user. The inspection also reviews water system management practices and, where necessary, outlines areas of non-conformance or areas for which there are opportunities for improvement.

This drinking water system is subject to the legislative requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002 (SDWA) and regulations made there under, including but not limited to Ontario Regulation 170/03, "Drinking Water Systems"(O.Reg.170/03). This inspection was conducted pursuant to Section 81 of the SDWA.

An outcome of this inspection process is the issuance by the MOECC of a final, or overall, inspection rating. For the inspection in question that covered the period August 29, 2013 through September 10, 2014 the Windsor Drinking Water System received a clean audit report. A "clean" audit requires a 100% inspection rating, no deficiencies and no perceived opportunities for improvement. 

The Ministry of Environment Drinking Water Inspection Report


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